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Dedicated fitness trainers and nutritionists

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Focused, Motivated, Passionate.

Our Signature Trainings are 100% tailored to your specific needs. Not only does it focus on physical strength, but also psychological well-being and nutritional habits.

By getting the signature membership you enter  a community of like-minded people who strive to improve their health and happiness one percent every day, both in and outside of the gym. Signature Fit Room team is invested in helping each member achieve their goals while improving their overall quality of life.

We offer personal One-on-one and Small-group Signature Trainings for men in a special environment built on a foundation of respect, knowledge, safety, and professionalism



signature trainings

Stretching & flexibility

Exercises are designed to target flexibility and mobility around your whole body.

Baros flow

This is the king of workouts, a holistic training system for physical and mental development using ancient training tools. 

Check out the main benefits of Baros Flow Training here!

signature HIIT training

This is a classic explosive workout, which trains your whole body muscles combining fitness with postural exercises. 



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You will learn how to be present, how to live conscious and how to step back to reflect on your personal and professional goals. 

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