Baros Flow

This is a holistic training system for physical and mental development using ancient training tools.

On a deeper level, BF was created for personal development through beautiful, functional movement.

If you are curious enough to come train with us, here will be the main benefits of BarosFlow training:

  • improved grip strength, your hand will become a steel trap
  • increased shoulder strength and mobility. Lower weights for prehab/rehab, higher weights for strength
  • Builds rotational strength or torque
  • Build total body strength, since we train the body in a holistic fashion
  • Cardiovascular training
  • Mind-body connection developed through complex movement thus developing body awareness and better control of its movement patterns

There are more benefits which are left out on purpose, for they are to be discovered after having a training experience at the studio.

About the Barosflow mace

The Barosflow mace is one of the most effective tools for total body conditioning. While mimicking real world movements, you strengthen the body holistically.

Why it’s unique

This mace is 100% handcrafted in Romania using Romanian marble for the mace head and local birch wood for the handle, giving it a premium feel. 

The birch wood handle provides a strong and comfortable grip, without the coldness of a steel handle


It might seem as a novel training tool but truth is the mace has been around for thousands of years.

It was used both as a weapon and training implement by the elite indo-persian warriors and wrestlers. The first maces, traditionally called gada, were made of bamboo with a stone attached on one end. When these were crafted for battle, they were often made of bronze or iron.

What the Barosflow mace offers that no other tool does. is that it is a medium to take your training back to its primal roots.

How the Barosflow mace optimizes you

In the real world, objects or loads are rarely balanced. You pick up kids, unbalanced boxes, groceries.  Thanks to the disproportionate weight distribution you optimize stabilizer muscles, joints and develop the primary power centers of the body.

Because of the disproportionate weight configuration, movements are challenging and thus strengthening to the joints and the  stabilizer muscles surrounding them in order to prevent injury and increase performance.

The biggest takeaway is that it adds great variety and challenges movement patterns like no other.

What we love the most about the mace is that it brings on that warrior aspect in the student, and that is a gift found in no other training implement.

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